Nagisa Furukawa

Finally got around to watching episode 5 of Gundam Unicorn and…

its ending confused the hell out of me. I no longer know who is in charge of what base/forces/ship/soldiers

blah X:

ALL of Elfen Lied X: 

if ever a story was truly beautifully tragic, this was that story.

they need to remaster and re-dub this so bad. give it the Dragon Ball Z Kai treatment. 

20 plays

Guilty All the Same - Linkin Park (feat. Rakim)

1st one - Goku’s Dragon Fist purely for its animation. 

2nd one - Burning Gundam’s Burning Finger for its awesomeness and being memorable

3rd one for its power - Hie’s Dragon of the Darkness Flame

them wings tho X: 

Guy Sebastian’s vocals for the win!

his producers…


not so much /: 


Pokemon Regions(Transparent)







(via kawaiigundamprincess)

Japanese singers singing their songs in English would be such a wonderful thing X:

their instrumentation and vocal tones are so much better sonically than our pop crap. 

"I don’t trust anyone who never cries"

Suberoa Zinnerman

my first legit team on g.d.m.o. (Global Digimon Masters Online)

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