Guy Sebastian’s vocals for the win!

his producers…


not so much /: 


Pokemon Regions(Transparent)







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Japanese singers singing their songs in English would be such a wonderful thing X:

their instrumentation and vocal tones are so much better sonically than our pop crap. 

"I don’t trust anyone who never cries"

Suberoa Zinnerman

my first legit team on g.d.m.o. (Global Digimon Masters Online)

*clears throat* Fuck. You. Sakura. I guess saving someones life continuously and saving your whole entire village doesn’t even warrant at the very least a kiss? -___- I dislike that they made her character so superficial. they keep telling us how much Sakura’s growing closer to Naruto but yet she’s not interested in him that way, why? oh you know probably because he’s Naruto and looks like he has cat whiskers drawn on his face ( XP lol) and not what all the girls deem a “pretty boy” (who happens to be a blind as hell, illogical emo fuck face).

…but whatever, I digress X:

side note: the Naruto Sasuke thing is getting gay and they need to just focus on all the other WAY more interesting things! X: 

btw I don’t watch the sub + I only watch it after the uncut is released. so yeah, I’m still way back in the storyline (218 I think)

the image speaks for it self if you’ve seen the scene. 


The original dork squad.

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